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0010 Herbal Blend

0010 Herbal Blend$5

Our Herbal Blend is a low sodium mix of herbs which will enhance all vegetables, salads, avocados, tomatoes, pastas, beans, rice, sauces, poultry, burgers and meats. Sprinkle on your salads and you need only half the usual dressing. Try it in your favorite recipes or check out one of ours. Children love this one.

0020 Far East Blend

0020 Far East Blend$5

Our Far East Blend is a mix of 17 different hand ground spices that is low sodium and imparts many layers of flavor. It is excellent for all meats and poultry, fish, eggs, avocado, eggplant, root veggies, beans and rice. Try it in your favorite recipe or check out one of ours. If using this […]

0030 Cajun Blend

0030 Cajun Blend$5

Our Cajun Blend is for those who enjoy a little heat. It makes an excellent dry rub marinade for all meats and poultry. It is delicious on eggs, avocados, roast vegetables, beans, rice, shrimp and shellfish. Use it for any grilling and marinating where heat is appreciated. Use it in combination with our Herbal Blend. […]