From The Chef

I developed Healthy Seasons Herbal blend over 40 years ago to use for my catering business. Since then I have used it to delight the likes of Malcolm Forbes, and Jackie Onassis, as well as to convince my children, and now grand children, to eat their vegetables. I discovered years ago, it can bring new flavors to old recipes, or turn an ordinary bowl of vegetables into the first empty dish on the table. You will be amazed at the amount of uses you’ll discover.

I know as well as anybody, eating healthy, and eating well rarely have the same meaning. Why should you have to choose between the two, when you can do both? With my salt blends, you don’t need to be a chef to create some amazing meals in the kitchen. Whether you are cooking a grand dinner for your family, or an omelette to start your day, my blends are the perfect way to make healthy, delicious meals. I have included many of my recipes for you to try, and will be adding more all the time. I promise, only you’ll know it’s healthy.