Cajun Blend Recipes

Carne Asadas Steaks

Because my family really loves how the beef tastes on the Carne Asadas Fries, I made it for dinner once without the fries. Still quite a big hit in house. For these I usually buy the really good, expensive, organic meat so that it tastes unbelievably delicious. I usually serve the steaks with couscous, vegetables, or potatoes.

Steaks (whichever you prefer)
Cajun Blend
Worcestershire sauce

1. Season the beef with Cajun and cumin to taste and place in a bowl.
2. Add worcestershire sauce to taste, just enough to cover some of the beef completely.
3. Let sit for about a half an hour, longer marination only equals better taste!
4. When ready to cook, grill steaks to your preference or fry on the stove with olive oil.

This simple but gourmet meal is quick and easy. It takes less than a half an hour to make for my family of five which is a big plus for me. It tastes great, it’s healthy, and oh did I mention quick?