Far East Blend Recipes

Far East Pork Chops

This is probably the easiest thing I could make for my family. I usually buy the pork chops in bulk from Costco and make them all at the same time. This lasts the whole week and allows us to use them in several different ways. If there are about three or four left by the end of the week, they get thrown into my fried rice. If you’re feeding these to the kids, use the Far East Blend lightly as it can be very spicy if you over do it.

Pork chops (cut to your preference)
Far East Salt Blend
Olive oil

1. Season the pork chops with the Far East Blend
2. Pour olive oil into a medium size frying pan, I start out with 2 or 3 tbs and add more if needed
3. Fry pork chops at medium heat until golden brown and inside is no longer pink.

*Cover while frying to let inside of pork cook faster without making meat tough

I usually serve this with rice, potatoes or veggies.