So Many Uses!

Some Ideas for How to use Healthy Seasons Salts

Sprinkle Healthy Seasons Herbal Blend on fresh greens mix and toss, using about HALF the amount of dressing you normally use, thus saving many calories and giving you the health benefits of the natural salts and all those extra herbs!


Scrambled? Add our Herbal Blend or the Far East Blend. Throw in a few scallions and cut tomatoes or leftover veggies from the fridge for a ‘vegetable scramble’!

Fried Eggs? Sprinkle Herbal Blend.

Frittata? Check your fridge for vegetables that need to be used up and throw them in with the eggs, Herbal or Far East Blend, a touch of milk or cream, some cheese if you wish, cook on low till done.

Deviled Eggs are deliciously healthier when made with Cajun Blend, touch of miracle whip and topped with Far East Blend.


Use any or all of the salts as a dry rub marinade for any chicken, pork or beef. I like to combine the Herbal with another spice salt and let them sit for a bit … or not … it still works.

Chicken Cutlets: Rub with olive oil and Herbal Blend before putting on the grill or searing in an iron skillet.

Chicken Marsala: Dip the chicken in a flour mixed liberally with Herbal Blend. Brown them in Olive or Canola Oil before adding cooked onions, Marsala Wine, dash of Tomato Sauce and Garlic. Cook till done. Tip: keep leftover flour in a bag in the freezer and re-use it.

Pork Tenderloin: Rub pork with Healthy Seasons Herbal and Cajun Blends and sear in canola oil till brown on all sides. Cook in the oven or on stove top with a little wine or stock till done.

Sauce for Pork: Mix Honey Mustard with any acidic liquid: orange juice, vinegar, other juices … just go through your fridge and empty out the odds and ends. Pour over pork and cook slowly…350 degrees in oven or lowest setting on stove top, covered. If you get a chance, baste with sauce occasionally though it doesn’t really matter. Add water if you need to as it cooks so you have enough for a sauce. You’re supposed to let the meat sit for 10 minutes after cooking, but I know MY FAMILY insists on eating this one right away … which also works!

Roast Beef: Good for pretty much all cuts. Use Herbal and Far East Blends and rub into the meat with a little oil. Let set for as long as you can [5 minutes or up to a week! Or freeze!]

Throw it on the grill or cook in 350 F. oven with water, wine or stock in the pan. Rare is 140 degrees. Try to keep your family away from it for at least 8 minutes before slicing … but if you can’t, I totally understand!

Beef Stew: In cooler weather, there is nothing better! Eat with rice, noodles or other grain.

I know it’s a bit of a pain, but if you can toss those cubes of beef in flour seasoned with both Far East and Herbal Blends, then brown them in olive oil … it will TOTALLY TRANSFORM your stew! So make a lot of it. It keeps for weeks and freezes well. Actually, it won’t keep for weeks because it will get EATEN!

Measurements are about one tablespoon each of Herbal and Far East seasonings to every cup or so of flour [freeze the leftover flour] Brown meat in oil, add vegetables [carrots, onions and whatever else you have in your fridge that needs to be used up…], wine or water and cook slowly till tender.

Salmon, Tilapia, and almost any other Fish:

Grilled: Sprinkle with Lemon, Healthy Seasons Herbal Blend and a little white wine if available. Let set if you want for 1 hour to 2 days or just cook that fish!

When ready to grill or bake, brush with melted butter or olive oil. Brown the top a bit and cook just till done.

Best Dressing ever to keep on hand:

It’s great for salads, dipping sauces and marinades …make a lot, it keeps really well.

Balsamic – Honey Mustard Salad Dressings:
Blend in blender: 3-4 cloves garlic, 1 T. Healthy Seasons Herbal Blend , 2T. Honey mustard and 3-4 T. Balsamic vinegar. When blended, add olive or canola oil in a thin stream, thinning with water as needed [this lowers calorie content also]. You can keep this at room temperature for several weeks or in the refrigerator for months.

*When I was 6 years old and lived in Italy, I learned to eat fresh Broccoli by dipping it in this dressing … try it … my 6 and 10 year old grandchildren LOVE IT! Works for cauliflower too.

Fresh Vegetables:

I swear this is how I got my kids to eat veggies! Cook any vegetable, especially green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and sprinkle with the Healthy Season Herbal Blend before serving … a little butter never hurts!

Sesame Green Beans…a kids favorite! Boil or steam the beans, toss with sesame oil, Herbal Blend and Sesame Seeds.


Roast any nut with Olive Oil Spray and one or two salts for a great, HEALTHY SNACK!